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Bezeichnung Verfügbarkeit1 Preis Straßenindex Tarnstufe
Biofeedback Microchip 4/48 1,000 1
Biofeedback Induction Pad 4/48 500 1
Biofeedback Software 6/72 5,000 1.5
Commnet Datajack Interface 4/48 500 1
Crypto Circuit Level 1-4 4/48 5k x Rating 1
Crypto Circuit Level 5-7 Rating/48 10k x Rating 1.25
Crypto Circuit Level 8-9 Rating/7 Tage 15k x Rating 1.5
Crypto Circuit Level 10 15/14 Tage 20k x Rating 2
Cyberdeck Remote Cutoff Switch 6/72 5,000 1.5
Cyberdeck Transmission Interface 6/48 8,000 2
CTI Software Package 4/48 1000 1.5
Data Display Reticule 4/48 2000 1
DataTrack 2/5 Tage 7000 1.5
Headset, Standard 4/48 250 1 NA
Headset, Concealable 6/48 500 1.5 10
Radio Jammer Level 1-4 6/72 1k x Rating 2
Radio Jammer Level 5-7 6/4 Tage 2k x Rating 2.5
Radio Jammer Level 8-9 8/10 Tage 3k x Rating 2.75
Radio Level 1-4 2/2 50 x Rating 1 7
Radio Level 5-7 4/12 100 x  Rating 1 7
Radio Level 8-9 4/24 200 x  Rating 1.5 7
Radio Level 10 6/48 5000 2.5 7
Radio Amplifier Level 1-4 2/2 50 x Rating 1
Radio Amplifier Level 5-7 4/2 100 x Rating 1
Radio Amplifier Level 8-9 4/12 200 x Rating 1
Radio Amplifier Level 10 8/48 4000 3
externe Antenne Level 1-4 2/2 10 x Rating 1
externe Antenne Level 5-7 2/4 20 x Rating 1.5
externe Antenne Level 8-9 4/6 50 x Rating 1.75
externe Antenne Level 10 7/12 1000 2
Rigger Transmission Interface 6/48 10,000 2
Signal Locator Beacon 4/24 1,000 1.25
Scanner Level 1-4 2/2 200 x Rating 1
Scanner Level 5-7 4/12 500 x Rating 1.5
Scanner Level 8-9 5/24 1k x Rating 2
Scanner Level 10 7/36 15,000 2.5
Scramble Breakers Level 1-4 7/48 10k x Rating 1.5
Scramble Breakers Level 5-7 8/48 20k x Rating 2
Scramble Breakers Level 8-9 10/48 40k x Rating 2.5
Scramble Breakers Level 10 12/5 Tage 300,000 3
VidTrack 7/48 3,000 2
Voice Identification Software Level 1-4 4/48 1k x Rating 1
Voice Identification Software Level 5-7 5/48 5k x Rating 1.5
Voice Identification Software Level 8-9 8/48 10k x Rating 1.75
Voice Identification Software Level 10 10/5 Tage 200,000 2
Voice Duplication Software Level 1-4 4/72 2k x Rating 1.5
Voice Duplication Software Level 5-7 6/72 4k x Rating 2
Voice Duplication Software Level 8-9 8/72 8k x Rating 2.5
Voice Duplication Software Level 10 12/72 100,000 3
Voice Synthesizer 4/48 2,000 1

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Biofeedback Monitor

Format: Mikro

This is system consists of two components, a small induction pad that is placed somewhere on a person's skin and a microchip that plugs into any standard transmitter. This system transmits encoded data via a communications link that monitors the physical condition of the individual wearing the induction pad.
This allows someone at a remote location using the Biofeedback Monitoring Software to monitor the physical condition of his entire team, and respond accordingly if someone is wounded or unconscious.
This system monitors a wide variety of physical indicators, including temperature, so if the induction pad is removed the software will display an Offline message rather than indicating the host as being unconscious or dead.

Biofeedback Monitoring Software

Format: N/A

This software is used in conjunction with the Biofeedback monitor to display the physical condition of anyone or everyone connected to a biofeedback monitor on a commnet. This software displays both visual and/or audible alerts if any of the monitored personnel are injured or stunned. The visible display usually shows a bar graph with green, yellow and red indicators but it can be altered to show any number of conditions, such as heart rate, respiration, etc. This is particularly useful if used in conjunction with a Cyberdeck Remote Cutoff Switch for monitoring a decker in the Matrix, and pulling him out if things get too dicey. This software requires 50 MP.

Commnet Datajack Interface

Format: N/A

This device makes it possible to control external accessories for a commnet via a standard datajack, and provides a link to send and receive data from external commnet accessories and internal cyberware. Changing commnet settings using a Commnet Datajack interface is considered a free action, rather than a simple one. It should be noted that it is not necessary to use a Commnet Datajack Interface in conjunction with either the Rigger Transmission Interface or the Cyberdeck transmission interface, as there is already a Comment Datajack Interface integrated in both systems.

Crypto Circuits

Format: Mikro

A Crypto Circuit is a small microchip that can be used in conjunction with any form of transmission device to scramble the outgoing transmission to such an extent that it is unrecognizable to anyone that might be listening in on the same frequency. Please note that Frequency Hopping is the most common, and least effective form of cryptography. It is considered that any Crypto Circuit above level one already incorporates a frequency hopping scheme of some sort in the chip itself. Anyone that possesses a receiver equipped with a similar chip can decode the signal into a usable format. The least expensive forms of crypto available to the public use a specialized algorithm that is hard coded onto the chip itself, so it cannot be changed. More advanced forms of cryptography circuits use a system that utilizes a key code that can be changed if the user suspects his code has been broken (Level 4 and above). This requires anyone that has successfully broken the code and is listening in to make another opposed cryptography test to break the new code. Keep in mind that all team members wishing to use the communications link must be equipped with the same level of Crypto in order to be use any cryptography to secure your communications channel.

Cyberdeck Remote Cutoff Switch

Format: Klein

This is a small black box that the plugs in between the cyberdeck and the datajack used by the decker to control it. It basically functions as a switch that can be tripped using a specially encoded electronic signal, allowing another team member to jack the decker out of the matrix from a remote location. It is often used in conjunction with a biofeedback monitor to remove the decker from the matrix if he encounters a problem and cannot jack out himself. Please note that the decker is still susceptible to dump shock if this device is activated.

Cyberdeck Transmission Interface

Format: Klein

The cyberdeck transmission interface is a radio transmitter and software package designed to work in conjunction with a standard cyberdeck. The CTI package allows the decker to send and receive radio signals while in the Matrix. The software must be loaded into the active memory of the deck for it to function properly. The transmitter itself can be built into the deck for an additional 20% of the listed cost, or can be used as a separate plug in accessory, see the cost table for radio transmitters below. The CTI software requires 60 mp of active memory to run.

Data Display Reticule

Format: Mini

This device is a simple transparent eyepiece that can be mounted on a standard headset to receive video or digital data, much as a display link does. This allows team members without the appropriate internal cyberware to receive data or video images from either a Datatrack or Vidtrack system. The eyepiece itself can also be equipped with other enhancements, including Thermographic, Lowlight, and Smartgun Link, with the same prices it would be to similarly equip a pair of goggles. The eyepiece is generally hinged so that it can be moved out of the way when not in use.


Format: Mikro

The Datatrack system is used to transmit digital data such as pictures or text over a communications system. The Datatrack system consists of two components, a small microchip that encodes and decodes the digital information, and a visual display unit such as a Data Display Reticule or display link to display the data. Please note that the costs of the unit needed to visually display Datatrack information is not included below, this is simply the cost of the microchip itself. If the datatrack system is to be used with an internal display link and cybereye combination, the radio must either be cyberware as well, or connected to the internal cybersystems via a Datajack Control Interface.


Format: N/A

Headsets come in 2 basic varieties. The first is a simple ear piece and subvocal microphone combination that is very difficult to detect. It has a concealability rating of 10 and can only mount items of Micro size or smaller. The second is a more conventional headset, consisting of a microphone and earpiece in a solid unit that fits on the users head. It does not have a concealability rating, but can mount any accessory listed above up to Mini in size.


Format: N/A

Helmets can accept any accessory that a headset can, and things such as the Data Display Reticule can be built into a HUD (Heads up Display). See the Street Samurai's catalog for more information on helmet pricing and availability. Any system integrated into a helmet costs an additional 25% of it's listed price.

See Street Samurai Catalog for Pricing & Availability

Microwave Transmitter/Receiver Upgrade

All of the above listed systems and prices are for broadband equipment. It is possible to use Microwave transmissions rather than standard radio waves. The advantage of Microwave is that it is much harder to detect. Add 4 to the target numbers for a detect test against any system using Microwave transmission. Microwave equipment is much more expensive, double the price of any radio/transmitter capable of sending/receiving microwaves. Please also note that all of the transmitters/receivers on a communications net must also be similarly modified, as a standard broadband receiver will not receive microwaves.

Radio Jammer

Format: Mittel

A radio jammer is used to flood a number of frequencies with enough interferance that communication becomes impossible. To jam a radio single is an opposed test of the level of the jammer vrs the level of the radio. Before a radio can be jammed, it's signal and frequency must be detected by a scanner. It should be noted that jamming of radio signals is highly illegal, and as a result the equipment is very difficult to obtain and very expensive.

Level Range
1-4 10 m x  Rating
5-7 50 m x  Rating
8-9 100 m x  Rating

Radio Transmitter/Receiver

Format: Klein

Ein Standard-Funkgerät für die Montage am Gürtel. Die Sendeleistung beträgt zwischen 1-2 Watt. Die verschiedenen Ratings die auf dem Markt verfügbar sind, geben die Reichweite und die Anzahl der verfügbaren Kanäle an. Je Höher das Rating ist, umso schwerer ist es die Übertragung zu jammen, da mehr Kanäle für Channel-Hopping zur Verfügung stehen.

Level Range Channels
1-4 100 m x Rating Rating x 2
5-7 500 m x Rating
8-9 1 km x Rating
10 20 km 32


  1. Um mit einem Scanner die Frequenz zu finden ist eine Prüfung mit Rating des Scanners gegen 8-Rating des Funkgeräts (min. 2) abgelegt werden, da je höher die Stufe des Funkgeräts ist auch die Sendeleistung steigt und es einfach ist, die Frequenz zu finden.
  2. Es gibt diese Funkgeräte auch in einer größeren Version (Format = Mittel), dann kosten sie,  wegen der geringen Mikrotechnologie, nur die Hälfte. 

Radio Transmitter Amplifier

Format: Mitel

Eine Erweiterung eines Funkgerätes, dass die Sendeleistung erhöht. Der Verstärker ist für die Montage in Fahrzeugen ausgelegt und kann nur mit externer Antenne betrieben werden. Die Antenne muss mindestens das Rating des Verstärkers aufweisen.

Level Verstärkung
1-10 x Rating

externe Antenne

Format: N/A

Eine externe Antenne zur Montage am Fahrzeug. Ein Magnetfuß kostet 100 NYen, aber bei jeder Montage muss die Antenne neu abgestimmt werden und optimale Leistung zu erbringen. Eine nicht abgestimmte Antenne hat eine Mali von -2 auf das Rating. Die Montage dauert 3/4 Std. inkl. Abstimmung.

Es gibt die Antennen auch in einer Variante als Scheibenantenne, die allerdings nur bis Rating 6 verfügbar ist. Der Preis der Scheibenantenne beträgt das 1,5 fache. Die Montage dauert 5/4 Std. inkl. Abstimmung.

Rigger Transmission Interface

Format: Mikro

This device is can be implanted either in a Remote control deck or in a vehicle itself, allowing the rigger access to all commnet functions while rigged.

Signal Locator Beacon

Format: Mikro

This small device is usually implanted in a headset or carried by a team member to allow another person connected to the same commnet to locate them. If used in conjunction with a visual display system and Datatrack, it is possible to show the individual's location on a map as a small colored dot. This makes it possible to track the teams movements from a remote location, or find a teammate that might be down or injured.


Format: Klein

Communications scanners have been on the market for many years. The scanner searches a wide number of frequencies and locks onto any transmission of sufficient strength. Please note that to detect a transmission in the local area, the user simply rolls an opposed test of the scanners rating against a target number equal to 8 minus the rating of the radio, with a minimum target number of 2. Please note that if the radio is a microwave transmitter, then 4 is added to this target number. Thus to detect a radio of rating 2 (assuming the scanner is within the radio's transmission range), the target number would be 8 minus 2, for a target number of 6. If this radio were a microwave transmitter rating 2, that target number would increase to 10 (8-2+4). A scanner can be integrated into a standard radio/transmission unit at %50 increase in the listed price of the scanner. Thus it is possible to have one small belt device perform multiple functions and decrease the carrying capacity and number of connections needed. All scanners above level 4 are capable of detecting microwave frequencies.

Scramble Breakers

Format: Mikro

Scramble breakers are used in conjunction with a receiver to decode encrypted transmissions, making a communication system vulnerable to monitoring and misdirection. All scramble breakers are capable of following frequency hopped transmitters, and part of the decoding process is an attempt by the computer to find the rate of change in frequency used by the opposed system. Before making the attempt to descramble the transmission, the transmission must first be detected by a scanner.


Format: Klein

This is simply a cellular phone unit that can be worn on the belt and accessed through a headset or helmet interface. If the user is also equipped with a datajack control interface, he can dial by simply willing it to happen. This unit can be integrated into a standard radio transmitter/receiver at a %50 increase in the cost of the telecom (the radio's prices are not affected).


Format: Mini

This device is a small video camera that can be attached to any standard headset, or incorporated into a helmet. This allows video images to be transmitted from the camera to any other system on the commnet equipped to receive video images.

Voice Identification Software

Format: N/A

This software runs on any standard computer, and when affixed with an audio feed it will attempt to determine if the voice it hears is truly the person it sounds like or if it is a computer generated forgery. The higher the level of the software, the more complex and subtle the coding and the more effective it is at spotting forgery. Please note that this program can be loaded and executed in headware memory as well. This size of this program is 10 MP x rating.

Voice Pattern Duplication Software

Format: N/A

This software will attempt to make your voice sound like someone else's voice. It accepts the audio input, then compares the voice modulation pattern with any pattern recorded in it's database, and attempts to make the input source sound as if the words or phrases were spoken by the person on the recording. The better the level of the software, the better the forgery will be. This system does require a Voice Modulator or Voice Synthesizer to function properly. The size of this software is 20 MP x Rating.

GM Notes: If the person who hears the duplicated voice has reason to suspect that it is a forgery, he can roll an Intelligence check against a target number of 6 plus the rating of the Voice Pattern Duplication Software. Any hearing modifications such as hi/lo frequency, hearing amplification and others reduce this target number by one for each enhancement to the listeners hearing. This is an opposed test against the level of the Voice Pattern Duplication software. The person must get at least one net success to determine that it is indeed a forgery. If they are using Voice Identification Software then it is a simple opposed test of the Voice Pattern Duplication software and the Voice Identification Software.

Voice Synthesizer

Format: Mittel

This is a device about the size of a standard cyberdeck that can be used in conjunction with Voice Pattern Duplication software to duplicate the sound of another's voice. It can be used either as a standalone system, or be integrated into a vehicle.


Mikro Ein Objekt in der Größe eines Mikrochips. Normalerweise wird es an am Funkgerät oder am Headset eingesteckt.
Mini Ein sehr kleines Objekt, das normalerweise am Headset (o.ä.) angebracht wird.
Klein Ein Objekt ungefähr in der Größe eines Mobiltelefons. Es muss extra verstaut werden, z.B. an einem Gürtel oder in einer mittelgroßen Jackentasche.
Mittel This is a large item, about the size of a cyberdeck (or laptop computer). It can be mounted in a vehicle or carried.

Rules Additions

Changing settings or utilizing any of the advanced features of a commnet is considered a simple action, unless the user is utilizing a datajack control interface in which case it is considered a free action.
All of the software listed can be run either by a standard computer in a rigged vehicle or by a cyberdeck, allowing either the rigger or the decker to make full use of each. Anyone with headware memory and the appropriate internal cyberware (in most cases image link for a visual output) can run this software as well.

To find a commnet frequency
Simple Test : Roll Scanner Rating vrs a target number of 8 - Radio Rating, +4 if microwave transmitter.

To decrypt any encryption on a commnet (requires the commnet frequency to be found first)
Opposed Test: Crypto Rating vrs Scramble Breaker Rating

To falsify a voice over a commnet
Opposed Test: Voice Pattern Duplication Software Rating vrs Voice Identification Software

To jam a commnet
Opposed Test: Radio Jammer vrs Radio
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